Real Writers Risk

I’m experimenting with the reblogging feature. Also I’m relating to taking risks and also I don’t want to blog about my life today, although it’s a good day! Jennifer is a professional writer. I think there’s a difference between a writer and someone that wants to write a book or ramble on a blog. Although most of my days are spent writing, when not at the beach, I can not and would not call myself a writer. Most advice I read for us wannabe writers is “don’t quit your day job” – or in my case “get the job first” .

Jennifer Keishin Armstrong

I read an insightful piece on Fast Company‘s website today by novelist Michael Grothaus about how he quit his six-figure tech job to write his book. What I loved most was this part:

Like any dream venture, whether it’s writing a novel or launching a startup, there is a large amount of risk involved. It’s often the fear that risk brings—How will I find the time? How will I pay the bills? What if I’m no good and don’t succeed?—that often keeps people chained to careers they may, at best, tolerate and at worst, detest.

This explains why I get irritable when some most likely well-meaning person at a cocktail party tries to relate to me by saying something like, “Oh, I’ve always meant to write a book,” or “I really want to become a writer when I retire.” Maybe they really have meant to write a…

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Still here..

I’m still here. Both on this blog site and in Florida. But I am on my way migrating both to the new blog site and up North. I’m packed….mostly. I’m so looking forward to wearing a sweater, and pants. I am already acclimated to this Florida climate as when it’s in the 80’s I’m wearing jeans and long sleeves. Although I was acclimated long before moving down here as evidenced by the year-long heater under my desk. By the way, we met Phil’s daughter and friend out the other night and her friend (Jordy) also keeps her heater on, under her desk, year round. So Lena, if you’re reading, she’s “our” people! I’m happy to say that I have not had the heater on once since moving here although one day I got awfully close.  Those days are coming though.

My crisis of the day is trying to get a pedicure before leaving. Also trying to figure out how open house works tonight at Zenah’s school. Do we go to her first period when we get there? So I called the school just to confirm and the main number rang for 3 minutes and then they picked up the phone and hung it up.  I love her school. I tried again and they did the same thing. Is it me Lucille?

The weekend was nice. Always are but I usually can’t remember what I did other than the day before. I’m going to try here now. Let’s see, Friday night we went to a new place for dinner – Peggy O’Neills – right in our little neighborhood. We decided we like it and will go again. It was loud but the food was good. A band started to play as we were leaving and they sounded good, but did I mention loud?

Saturday, ummmm, I think there was reading by the pool and honestly I don’t remember much else. We had Chinese food though. I do remember that. Oh wait was this the day when it started to thunder so we got out of the pool and Phil decided it was time to clean out the gutters? You know, with a metal pole, on the roof, with thunder. Doesn’t everyone do that? Next thing you know we were all out there (the storm passed). The most important discovery is what is right in our neighbors back yard. A pond. Yep, standing water. Do you know what’s in standing water in Florida? ALLIGATORS and mosquitoes. So this could explain the feeding frenzy at dusk if I’m out side. Hopefully someone will decide that it’s a good piece of real estate and fill it up. I’m NOT a fan of standing water, in Florida.

SAM_0524 SAM_0525 boys on the roof

Sunday was our bike ride and this time Zenah joined us. It was hot. Like throwing up and passing out hot. I think the heat index was something like 105. And I got a flat tire. Do you know how hard it is to ride a bike with a flat tire? I was able to put air in it after breakfast and almost made it home before it went flat again so the last mile or so was brutal. Then I went in the pool with my clothes on (no shoes). A pretty good salmon dinner and that was our weekend. Today is back to school and well, like I said, packing and pedicure, laundry and open house. Perhaps I will leave them with some cookies to remember me by. Hopefully they will want me back.

And hopefully after this week off of blogging and my transferring from one site to another you all will want me back.  We will find out the answer to both in a week!

Have a good week and happy labor day!


Have I met your needs?

First of all, I’m in a much better mood today. Even though I ended up driving home from Orlando last night at midnight arriving home at 2:00 a.m. After my third cockroach in the hotel room I decided I’d had enough. Thank God for the coffee mocha milkshake Marissa and I split. The caffeine got me home safe and sound and I was ever so happy to be in my own bed. Marissa and the whole production was/were excellent. She did a great job – singing and dancing – looking as cute as ever. She had about 8 wardrobe changes. A lot of the talent was from Disney so the voices and acting were great. There was also a live orchestra. All for $10. You just can’t beat it. And so great to see her. I can’t wait to go back. But never, ever, ever stay at a place called Roomba in Kissimmee. Ever…..ever….!

So I’ve come to a work crux, game time, hail-mary pass sort of decision. I’ve decided it’s my job, no my duty, to provide these daily(ish) distractions for my 6 adoring friends, family and future fans. Wouldn’t working at a desk job, out of the house, ruin this service to the masses? (shhh, no it wouldn’t help to blog about my new job…) So since I live to serve, but I also live to live (i.e. need income) I’ve decided that I’m going to attempt to move my blog to another site that allows advertising. I am not sure how all of this works but I know the site that I am on does not allow advertising of any kind. I don’t even know what that means about allowing advertising, but I’m going to find out. Some of the comments I’m reading are saying it might take up to 7 days to transfer the blog from one site to another – other comments say it happens right away. If I do it wrong I could lose the whole thing. But this will be my weekend project (hopefully with the help of my ever so competent roommate and IT migration expert). If there is a delay due to the transfer it just might be timely since I am heading up north next week and will not blog due to the fact that my mother has no internet service and then it’s the weekend and well I’m off on weekends. J

If I don’t try this I’ll never know, but just a heads up that it also might interrupt your daily distraction. It seems super complicated.  On the other hand, I wonder, if I blog about what I’m doing, as like my “job” and then let’s say I want to blog about what it’s like to drive a boat in the Gulf of Mexico, could I write off a boat on my expenses ? Could I, could I?

Other than this IT related project I hope to do about nothing this weekend. Phil wants to head to the beach. It’s hot, not sure I can hang. Can’t wait to come up north and wear a sweater!

I took my camera to see Marissa and didn’t take one picture. I did however take a picture of the temperature on my way there.

it's hot

That’s it for today. Time to sweep up some dog hair before picking up the girl. Have a nice weekend.


The good, the bad and today I’m ugly

I’m miserable today.  I read the “general” horoscope I get in my Inbox everyday.  Today it says:

Anxiety floats around today, yet we can’t seem to put our fingers on the source of the unrest. Finding our center of gravity is tricky business because the sensitive Cancer Moon runs into punishing aspects from penetrating Pluto and shocking Uranus. Meanwhile, complexity builds as an annoying Venus-Pluto aspect reveals a deeper layer of feelings. Fortunately, an insightful Mercury-Pluto trine brings enough wisdom to manage the emotional intensity.

Mostly it’s like “what?” But there are words in there that I’m feeling today.  Anxiety, annoying, complexity, emotional intensity.  I threw something (soft) across the room today I was so pissed off that the dog was on the couch.  I didn’t throw it at the dog but I just wanted to cry…and I did…again.  (and then the dog came over and gave me kisses cause he knew I was sad) At some point I know I need to give up on that.  I think the choice is live with this family or be alone and have my things.  I know the couch is just a thing but sometimes I can’t separate knowing how long it took me to finally get something nice for myself.  It really is an insightful, emotional kinda day.  I skipped Yoga today cause I lost track of time in getting ready to go, so I decided to do one of those 20 minute meditation things with Oprah and Deepak.  Today’s message is “Living Kindness – being kind to all” …yea, no… I skipped it and went back and did yesterdays.  I don’t want to be kind today.  That’s how bad it is.  Phil is probably reading this ever so thankful that I’m off for the day/night.

I’m off to Orlando today to see “my Marissa” in a play.  She’s in the musical version of The Big Fish.  I’m excited to see her and I love the Big Fish story.  Had no idea there was a musical version and no idea Marissa could sing.  I’m very excited to finally make the trip over to see her.  I’m staying in a hotel for the night that I found on Groupon.  I didn’t think about checking the reviews before booking.  BIG mistake…maybe.  Phil thinks Groupon wouldn’t sell a flea-bag place.  We’ll see.  I hate to go from being bit in one place to being bit in another.  Not a good day to test the anxiety, annoying, emotional intensity thing I have going on. But if all is okay, I’m looking forward to sitting by the pool in the morning.  There’s something different about sitting at someone else’s pool.  No laundry to do, phones to answer, emails to check.  I can just unplug.  Which reminds me to take my IPOD cause I’m not really going to unplug that much.

To end on the positive side….I went to the beach yesterday morning after dropping Phil at work.  We went to a network thing last night (ugh) so I drove him to work and picked him up.  The beach was so nice and was most definitely “pinch” worthy.  Sue always asks me if I’m pinching myself out of disbelief that I’m in Florida.  When I’m at the beach I feel like I’m in Florida.  So it was nice.  Even the network thing wasn’t that bad.  And of course a night out with the BF (boyfriend) is always nice.  Love him more than the couch.  Guess I better keep that in mind.




Go ask Alice..

When you read a book do you think you’re the character? I do. I totally get into the character. Movies too. I’m reading What Alice Forgot. The gist of the story is that Alice has hit her head and she’s lost 10 years of her memory. She thinks it’s 1998 when it’s 2008. She doesn’t remember her 3 kids. It’s an interesting premise isn’t it? I mean what if I did the same thing and I thought it was 2004? Jimmy is 13, Zachary still at Penn State maybe? Or did he already quit? Well the point is if I woke up now thinking it was 10 years ago how shocked I would be to find myself living here with the strangers. With a couple of days to myself, and reading the book, I’m thinking about the strangers I live with. I wonder when or if that feeling will ever stop. I don’t really feel like they’re strangers all the time and especially not when we’re all busy doing stuff, but 10 years ago they sure would be.  I really do feel like I’ve been plopped into the middle of a story.  I know very little about these people’s past or when they were babies, and what I hear is like I’ve read it in a book.  Ya know?  It’s not real cause I wasn’t there.  I mean think about it, the only people I married or dated (with a few exceptions) were all from my hometown. Even from the same high school. Okay, Okay a couple of you out there quit counting…Anyway, I know I’ve mentioned my new family as “strangers” before and I don’t want to keep calling them that, but I’m getting sucked into that book.  I told Zenah that I keep forgetting if it’s the character that has lost 10 years or if “I” have lost the 10 years.  Surprisingly she gets me (thank God!)  At least I think she does.  She did run and hide in her room when we got home. Hmmm… 🙂

Better day for Zenah today at school as she was able to change her schedule to what she wants. THREE sciences. Sheesh. And she’s excited! Go figure. Plus she’s in Chorus and they might go to Disney over Christmas (if they make the cut). How fun is that? Jorden went to school early today on his bike. So he’s a happy camper. He said he liked Beaver school better though. That’s based on one day. We can’t even use the winter to convince him, he says he liked the winter. Dam kids. He’s not unhappy though, just an observation. There’s an awful lot of kids on bikes that live around here. All boys so this could be a really good thing.

I had a slow morning, read my book and then to yoga. I can tell this is going to be a great transition with these kids in school and these quiet mornings. Honest Phil, I’m looking for a job. Really I am.

Better get back to my book. Phil says he thinks the characters in books are waiting for him to get back to it so they can finish their story. So I better get back to Alice and help her remember her kids.

For today’s visual, this is where I’m reading.

reading corner

And this is the temperature, in the shade.


Until mañana  (is it “until” mañana or just mañana?)